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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am very glad that I've just created my own blog about fashion that I love.
I would like to creat a grite site, blog about fashion, style and clothes.
I love colors, and unique style. I hope that you will like it,and will send some messages and coments,so lets start!!!!!!!!


Blogger blue,eyed.girl said...

that's awesome i just started my own too but it's not too great can you show me a bit of tips thanks

3:40 AM  
Blogger le fashion said...

hi im so hapopy that you wrote to are fyrst person who visited my blog.
I would like to give you some tips but im not good at such things like computers etc. ive just backed from my holiday and im planning to ask my friend for a help( in blog)so as soon as i get some tips i will send them to you.
do you have email? we could chating by email,and givimg each other tips and advices what do you think?
best wishes!:)

7:04 PM  

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