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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Maybe becouse of up coming atumn im a little bit upset ( I love summer,hot ,sunny weather and sea) and many things irriteting me. telling the truth is all about 'boom" on being slim and look like everyone does. this is ridiculus, i think that we shouldnt be afraid to be diffrent and look diffrent. even in hollywood there are some young actress who saved their individual looks and style. so i've decided to make a lists of best dressed girls,women in hollywood:)!
in the first place i would like to write few wards about kirsten dunst.
she is so adorable and i loooooove her style, which is a little bit massy,ellegant and subtle.she always knows what to wear,no matter what kind of party or occassion it is. also she knows what is trendy and fashionable nowadays like flats,which i also adore!


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