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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My opinion and my advices

I love fashion and I love buying clothes, in second hand shops, vintage shops, but also in Zara or H&M, I should write especially in H&M.
I like trying new things, mixing up different kind of clothes, different styles, experimenting.
What’s my style? Present, it depends on a day or whether I’m in bed or in good mood or just what I’m doing.
Sometimes I like to look feminine, or girly but telling the truth it happens very rarely.
My outfit must be comfortable, but with the exception of shoes! If they are high heeled, and I need them because of very important event, in first place they must be beautiful, fashionable and stylish! It would be better if I could move when I wear them, but forget abut comfort if you wear high heeled!
Looking fresh is also very important, your clothes should be suitable to your age ! If you are young ,wear crazy, funky clothes!
Fashion demand courage, of course I mean real fashion!
Only brave girls, who has their own style, the girls who still looking for something new, can became some day a fashion icon! And we all know that it is big honour, don’t we?
We should know what is trendy and what is the most fashionable in this season, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wear everything that is shown in magazine, and what would be even worse look exactly like girl from vogue for example, remember don’t loose your own style.!!! You know the best what suit you and how to match clothes in your own way!
For example embroidered, decorative clothes, layering, highwaisted clothes, it’s great for slim and tall girl , but not for me, and for normal girl!

I can’t imagine wearing highwaisted jeans for example , but the wars thing for me is that you should belted nearly everything, it is no matter whether you wear t-shirt, jacket or even coat you must belted it! Common! My waist is bigger than 60 cm, bigger than models waist !So it is obvious that I would look in such combination awful ! But on the other hand it may happen that clothes which are tight near the waist can make you look slimmer, but one role: you must have nice and slim waist, for example like Marlin Monroe.
So if you are slim and “belting” suit you it’s fantastic but if it’s not, give it up, and concentrate your attention on other trends, or on more timeless appeal.
Trad clothes are ok, with some crazy or quirky accessories, can completely change your look, of course in positive way!
But this what I like about this season ,are tartans, bold British plaids. Such clothes are in the same time classic but trendy as well, it’s stylish and has uncommon accent for your look. And also it’s timeless, you always can wear tartans skirt and you would look fabulous!

Fortunately sporty style is coming back , finally. The wave of strong sexy urban fashion, streamlined urban look is hot now! In other words you can wear baggy clothes, lavish layering and look hot, what’s more you feel very comfortable ! Isn’t it lovely!?
But if you don’t want look similar to Curt Cobain style, you can add to your outfit something completely different , like charm spangled and carryalls bag! Can you imagine it? Cool!
Also military shirts, the parkas are very trendy, and I like it very much, but this is unbelievable that the bush shirts are in fashion now! I can’t understand that.

But jeans will never ever be out of fashion! I can assure you. They’re always perennial!
In this season it’s great idea to wear skinny jeans and flats shoes.
Leopard pattern is also hot now, I adore it! Especially if its going about leggings , shoes,furry flats! Great.
But you should be patient, with leopard pattern, it is easy to look chip, remember it should be just small accent, not the whole look! We are still in city, not in jungle, so you don’t need to camouflage!

So ladies don’t forget about fashion and trend but in first place care about your own style! Wear this what you like and feel good in, but there are some rules of course, don’t let your bed mood leading you to bad sense of style!


Blogger fashion? yes please. said...

i couldnt agree any more!!! you've got your own style with your own flairs and twists;;;KEEP.IT.UP!!

1:36 AM  
Blogger notesandtotes said...

yes i definately agree with you! she's a brunette, and her face is so different, and she's just wonderful.

8:34 PM  
Blogger discothequechic said...

wow! I really love your page, its got so many cool things on it!

I also really like all the pictures of people from different cities, and taking those pictures of yourself was a really good idea.

It would be cool if you could check out my blog, its about a month old and it would be good to see what you think.

thanks, S x

10:13 PM  
Blogger discothequechic said...

thanks for the feedback! no im not from japan, im from the UK, but i'd love to go to tokyo!

Have you seen Lost In Translation? Its one of my favourite films and makes Japan look so amazing!

10:25 PM  

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